Our story



 Our ice cream parlor is the fulfillment of an old dream drown from our love to ice cream. For us, ice cream is a combination of everything that inspires all senses.
Beauty, aesthetics, color, texture, taste and smell. Ice cream always brings us back to the place of childhood and the feeling of being a child, because in the end, we are all grown children! A child experiences endless fun just by holding and enjoying a rich, delicious and sweet ice cream cone. In order to arouse joy in a child, we have to do what we do with true love and passion, and that's how we make our ice cream. Our Galatria is exactly what Italians do to get the best ice cream possible.Equipment, knowledge, process and tastes just like in Italy, our kitchen is open and bare and invites everyone to take a part in this charming process. In the "magic" of making ice cream. Real ice cream that only Italians can make!

We have the best ice cream production equipment in the world. The "Katabriga" ultimate ice cream machines with a unique production process of ice cream, in the method used in Italy combining real Italian art "ARTISANAL" and special involvement of our ice cream chef.

The "Katabriga" machine has a spoon that processes the ice cream in a delicate and unique way while freezing. This special method combines the introduction of air in a natural way only, and in this way the ice cream is made in a soft and creamy texture. The production of all the ice cream takes much longer when using this machine and the ice cream comes out of the machine by the hands of our ice cream chef, without any computer instruction or automatic sensors, and the personal involvement in the ice cream production is what gives the ice cream its "soul".


 Our ice cream chef and our teacher is Giacomo Shibun, one of the best "GELATO MAKERS" in the world whose ice cream "sorbetaria" in Bologna is considered one of the best in the world.  We constantly produce the ice cream by the customer, every day and throughout the day we make it fresh using natural and fresh ingredients only! Unlike most ice cream parlors, our use is not for flavor powders and special products for making ice cream, but only for fresh, natural products.


We keep making sure that the ice cream is the freshest and in the highest quality possible. That's how the mother-of-the-ice creams in Italy made it for a family for dinner. That is what makes all the difference! From the flavors we choose for you there are flavors GELATO, SORBET and GRANITTA offering also sugar-free flavors. The variety flavors change every few days and always according to the season, the fresh ingredients from today's market and especially according to our mood.


 The most important thing is - What we like most is to see your smile after you taste our first bite of ice cream. There is no greater pleasure than making you happy and happier, and that's what we're here for. BON APETITO